Dealership Resource Optimization & Asset Management system is one of the unique software in the automobile market which is capable of doing multiple tasks. It enables the user to have a more efficient way of doing business and increases the chance of business growth. Provides new, valuable, and important information to the user about the business which was hidden to date. Our software #DROAMS is Easier to use which Allows non-technical users to operate it quite efficiently which you will certainly not find in other software.

A complete B2B solution to all automobile Industry problems which let your sales flow. It manages your resources and assets. It also provides a better way to manage sales and customer relationships and gives one centralized location to collect present and historical information for maintaining transparency and communicating efficiently with prospective as well as current clients. It seamlessly manages and tracks sales activities with #DROAMS and makes your sales process faster. Schedule visits and calls for your customers and keep yourself updated with every activity that you and your sales team perform.

Sales activity tracker from #DROAMS keeps you updated about past and future action plans. Keep track of each activity and check if there is any overdue activity associated with any deal

Some of the amazing features which stand out our #DROAMS from other software in the market:

  1. Debtors System
  2. Geo-fencing of Salesforce and Enquiries
  3. Call Tracker history of employees
  4. Product Catalogue
  5. Payment Scheduling and Rescheduling
  6. Activities Monitoring and visits management
  7. Automatic Penalty imposition
  8. Customer’s ledger maintenance.

1. Who needs this? 

“The one in the tractor industry who needs automation instead of manual work. The one who wants to know about his lagging areas, who wants to track their growth, who wants to visualize their valuable data in the form of graphs and charts”

2. Why does someone need this? 

"You need this because we know that you are fed up with the manual ongoing tasks which are consuming not only your time but also your hard-earned money. So what’s better to invest your money to somewhere which can give your double returns"

3. What sets this software apart?

"Through #DROAMS, you can now visualize your data better, Automate most of the process of your Organisation, for many questions, now you will have answers with exact reports, You will not lose your potential customer by Advanced Follow up system"


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